content marketing

I currently create content for Automotive Internet Media’s clients. Here’s a sampling of the articles I’ve produced so far:


Skin cell testing may lead to early detection of dementia | Freedom Home Care
Early detection of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease may be as straightforward as testing patients’ skin, according to new research from scientists at the University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The proposed technique would look for abnormal proteins – the same ones found accumulating in the brains of patients with neurological diseases – in skin cells.”

Yoga offers seniors a multitude of health benefits | Freedom Home Care
As a culture we may not be able to agree on much, but one thing we can all agree on is that yoga is good for you. Nobody knows this better than Susan Wolf Smolin, a certified yoga instructor who offers therapeutic and rehabilitative instruction to people of all types – from the prenatal to the elderly.”

New experimental treatment could reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease | Freedom Home Care
As we age, our bodies and minds become unforgiving to the wear of time. Most people accept their physical decline as natural and expected, but the loss of mental faculties can often be one of the scariest, most confusing experiences of a person’s life.”

Is your desk a breeding ground for bacteria? | Commercial Flooring Solutions
Do you work a desk job? Are two-thirds of your daily meals eaten at the Chateau de Cubicle? If you’re one of millions of American workers who eat their lunch between a keyboard and a mouse, we sure hope you give your place setting a wipe down daily, if not weekly. If you don’t, then say hello to your very own mosh pit of bacteria, population: ten million.”

Would a boss-free workplace work for your company? | Commercial Flooring Solutions
What would it be like if you didn’t have a boss? We’ve all thought about it.

Cool Pope gets cool new Hyundai Popemobile | Rosen Hyundai
Here’s the latest out of the Vatican: dogs have souls, evolution is real, and Hyundai rules. For the first time in eighty years the holiest of all whips, the Popemobile, is not a Mercedes-Benz: it’s a white, topless Hyundai Santa Fe.

Secondary battery for the Chevy Volt sets world record | Apple Chevrolet
Do electric vehicle batteries dream of android sheep? Apparently they dream of bicycles and world record attempts.

Chevy announces new 2016 Cruze in emoji press release | Ray Chevrolet
In an effort to appease our millennial cultural overlords, Chevy has released a missive which will no doubt one day be displayed beside the Book of Kells for its cultural and literary significance: a press release for the 2016 Chevy Cruze written entirely in emoji. From on high the fleek have spoken, and their message comes to us written in diamonds, little blue cars, and salsa dancers.”

New Jaguar XF crosses the Thames on a high wire | Elmhurst Jaguar
At the beginning of this month, the brand new 2016 Jaguar XF was unveiled in a fashion befitting of its uniqueness: atop a high-wire crossing the River Thames. The stunt took place on the Royal Victoria Docks and involved an engineering feat nearly equal to the incredible efforts Jaguar has put into their newest sedan.”