Marie Antoinette, Lesbian Icon | WUSSY Magazine
Published as part of my YESTERQUEERS column.
“Everyone knows Marie Antoinette: the infamous French monarch who met her end at the guillotine in 1793. Her status as a coded figure for female homoeroticism and as a proto-lesbian heroine is lesser known.”

The Lady Olympics | XOJane
Scrolling through trending hashtags, I can gain access to all kinds of tests which will measure (with precision!) my beauty relative to my worth. In days gone by, women existed in a tangled jungle of confusion where the only way to figure out one’s self worth was to visually compare your body to the other bodies around you. But there was no system! No prescribed test! Madness! Chaos!

Digital Textiles: How the Patternbase makes the tactile clickable | MESH Magazine
Physical location means less than ever now and tactility is not a requirement to experience impactful pattern design.

Touch It: It’s Naked | MESH Magazine
Stas Neretin’s packaging for Naked skincare products is for touching and being touched. Designed to mimic the curves of the human body, the bottles and jars beg to be caressed. With every brush of a fingertip on the ivory ‘skin,’ the packages respond, blushing bright pink. They like it.

Operation Free Bleeding: I Tried 4Chan’s Most Notorious Anti-Feminist Hoax For Myself | XOJane
On the third day I was digging it so much I wrote this in my notes: “If I were rich I would hire someone to deep-clean all my shit post-period so I could walk around my white-carpeted house naked all the time while Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ plays on repeat.”

Xiwen Zhu’s “Mined Matter” ventures into the eerie avant garde | Savannah Art Informer
“My friends say I’m creepy,” Xiwen Zhu told me when we met to discuss her upcoming show at Non-Fiction Gallery, Mined Matter. The show (opening November 7 at 7pm) certainly has its moments of disquiet, that’s for sure.”

Jodorowsky’s “The Dance of Reality” is equal parts trippy and tender | Savannah Art Informer
Too long has the world been without a window into the incredible imagination of Jodorowsky, an artist who first unleashed his vision in the mid 1960’s by staging Samuel Beckett for Mexican peasants, enacting performance art pieces like “Sacramental Melodrama” during which he stood inside a giant plastic vagina and shot live turtles at his audience, and creating mime routines for Marcel Marceau — he claims he invented “trapped in a glass box.”

Pretty Girls: A Conversation with Naimar Ramirez | Savannah Art Informer
What is more culturally charged than gallery walls sprayed with sexy portraits of women? If (art) history tells us anything it’s that nothing elicits the profound and wondrously obtuse critique of the public like feminine sexuality.”

Violence, Leisure & the Death of Figurative Painting | Savannah Art Informer
What exists at the intersection of violence and leisure? Since Dada, artists have been exploring the two concepts separately and often melding the two in their artworks as a vehicle for social commentary. Is painting still a viable medium for this kind of exploration?

You Have Nothing To Worry About: Photos by Melissa Spitz | Savannah Art Informer
With styled hair, smudged lipstick and shakily-applied eyeliner, Ms. Adams looks outward— lost and confused. Her glazed-over eyes and slack jaw give her a look of disappointment, a complacency with loneliness. While it is undoubtedly difficult to be the child of a mentally ill mother, the struggle of a mentally ill woman to be a good mother is heartbreaking in its own right.

Isaac McCaslin’s Tragedy at Ebenezer Creek series | Savannah Art Informer
For the last two months, Isaac McCaslin has been reliving the events of December 8, 1864.

10 essential Peter Greenaway films you need to watch | Taste of Cinema
To properly acquaint oneself with the work of English auteur Peter Greenaway is to become a student of the neo-baroque, postmodernism, art history, and religious allegory.